• Protection of Fundamental Rights at European level, esp
    1. through the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and
    2. the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
  • The relationship between the two systems of protection, as well as their relationship with the national level.
    1. Field of application for each system
    2. Accession of EU to ECHR
    3. The dialogue between ECHR (Strassburg) and CJEU (Luxemburg)
  • General principles applying to all systems of protection, esp proportionality.
  • Towards a multilevel ‘human rights law’ (bloc de constitutionalité)
  • Selected human rights:
    1. Dignity (is it a right?)
    2. Non discrimination
    3. Family and marriage
    4. Freedom of expression
    5. Privacy etc


General Information

Students are expected to

– be present at the seminars during the semester (3 teaching hours per week)
– read the obigatory bibliography to be given by the teacher and be able to discuss and debate upon each topic


Form of examination:
1) Written PC-based exams in beginning of June, or
2) Orally presenting and submitting a written essay on a topic to be agreed with the instructor.
The presentation shall be in English and extend to approx 20 min.
The paper of approximately (± 10%) 5000 words (~18 pages, margins 2,5 cm, Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1,5) excluding footnotes, may be submitted in English.
Grading is based on all the above: 30% participation and 20% presentation of own paper, 50% written paper or exam (70%).

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